Steering & Suspension

Why Getting Your
Steering and Suspension Work Done at

L&N Performance Auto Repair Matters

Have you ever wondered what makes your ride smooth, or how your car seems to understand and follow your every turn and command? That’s the magic of a properly functioning steering and suspension system, the unsung heroes of your vehicle’s performance and safety. At L&N Performance Auto Repair, located in Blowing Rock, NC, we’re not just about fixing cars; we’re about fine-tuning them to deliver the driving experience you deserve, with your safety and comfort in mind at all times.

Steering and Suspension: The Essentials

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems work together to keep you in control and comfortable on the road. The steering system allows you to guide your vehicle, while the suspension system cushions you and your passengers from the bumps and jolts of the road. Together, they ensure your ride is stable and your handling is precise.

Why It's Vital to Keep These Systems in Check:


A precise steering system gives you control over your vehicle’s direction. It needs to be responsive, reliable, and accurate for safe maneuvering.


The suspension system supports the weight of your vehicle, absorbs shocks from the road, and helps maintain tire contact.

Common Signs of Steering and Suspension Issues:

Steering & Suspension in Blowing Rock, NC. Image of an auto car expert lying under the steering, repairing it

If you notice any of these symptoms, it might be time to visit L&N Performance Auto Repair so our experienced and certified technicians can get a look at what’s going on with your vehicle.

The L&N Performance Auto Repair Advantage

When you bring your vehicle to us for steering and suspension services, you’re investing in a driving experience that’s both enjoyable and safe. Here’s why L&N Performance Auto Repair stands out:

Expertise That Excels:

Our technicians are not just good; they're the best. They bring a wealth of knowledge and up-to-date training to each service, ensuring your vehicle's steering and suspension systems are in expert hands.

Technology That Talks:

We equip our technicians with the latest and greatest in auto repair technology, allowing for diagnostics and repairs that are both precise and efficient.

Service That Satisfies:

L&N Performance Auto Repair founder Lucas Underwood guarantees service that will exceed your expectations. Lucas's passion for taking care of you and your vehicle’s needs with professionalism and elite care are at the core of our customer service philosophy.

Benefits of Servicing Your Steering and Suspension With Us:

Enhanced Safety:

Properly maintained steering and suspension systems are crucial for vehicle safety and can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

Improved Comfort:

A well-maintained suspension system equals a smoother ride, minimizing the bumps and shakes of daily driving.

Better Handling:

When your steering and suspension are in top form, you'll enjoy responsive handling and control, making your drive a breeze.

Increased Longevity:

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle's components, saving you money and keeping your car on the road longer.

Our Steering and Suspension Services Include:


We thoroughly examine all steering and suspension components for wear and damage.


Proper alignment is key to ensuring your vehicle drives straight and reduces tire wear.

Shock and Strut Replacement:

These components are vital to your vehicle's ability to absorb bumps.

Power Steering Service:

We ensure that your steering operates smoothly and requires minimal effort.

Join Us on the Road to Excellence

At 303 Mystery Hill Ln, Blowing Rock, NC, L&N Performance Auto Repair isn’t just a place for repairs; it’s where your vehicle’s performance is elevated. With state-of-the-art equipment and the best team of auto technicians, we’re geared to provide you with steering and suspension services that are a cut above the rest.
Ready for a transformative driving experience? Dial (828) 266-9077 to schedule your service. At L&N Performance Auto Repair, we’re not just about getting you back on the road; we’re about ensuring the journey is as smooth and enjoyable as the destination.

We use only the highest quality parts that meet or exceed the standards of your vehicle’s original equipment, maintaining the integrity and performance you expect from Euro Car in Blowing Rock,NC.