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How Our Shop is Dealing With COVID-19

We get it, all the news we’re getting about folks getting sick can be scary! Every day, more cases are being identified and more places are being affected.

The reality is much of the situation is out of our control……

And while we can be vigilant about washing our hands, cleaning surfaces and avoiding others who are sick….the truth is life must go on!

That’s why L&N Performance is working vigilantly to protecting those most at risk of our customers…. our family… our employees!

We want you to know that we’ve upped our sanitation efforts within our facility, as opposed to disinfecting all surfaces once a day, we now disinfect our entire facility 3 times a day.

We also disinfect items which are handled or used by our staff and customers after each use….

We’ve always used seat covers, steering wheel covers, gloves and floor mats when entering vehicles followed by a wipe down and cleaning when we complete the repairs – but we’ve decided that we need to do more, especially for our at-risk customers.

Starting on Monday March 16th each vehicle will receive an extensive wipe down and a 20 minute interior treatment with an ozone generator in an effort to curb any spread of viruses within your automobile…..all free of charge. If a customer’s vehicle needs additional cleaning measures, we have a protocol in place to address the needs at the request of the customer.

We’ve also put a pandemic policy in place within our business place to protect our employees and prevent the potential spread of any viruses or bugs.

We’re extremely proud to be one of the few repair shops in the high country that offer an extensive paid sick leave, paid personal days and paid vacation days – the well-being of our employees is of paramount importance to us!

Now look, we know this is overkill! But it’s our job to give our customers all the piece of mind possible when servicing their vehicles! We will stop at no length to protect those important to us!

On the repair front – it is likely that the automotive industry will face various setbacks in the parts acquisition sector, as more borders close, many of the part vendors are finding a shortage of parts and supplies. As of right now, most US vendors have plenty of stock! But these numbers are slowly depleting – If you have automotive repair needs, it’s highly suggested those repairs be completed sooner than later as it’s possible we see a shortage of parts or supplies in the next few months. This shortage could include anything from brake pads, brake rotors to suspension and electrical components.

It’s unlikely that the shortage will have a tremendous impact, and it’s likely to be short lived – we just want to ensure we are all prepared!

Written by L&N Performance Auto Repair