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Do You Have A Bad Fuel Filter

Faulty Fuel Filter?

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Top Three Signs of a Faulty Fuel Filter

Whether you drive a brand-new European car or an older domestic vehicle, it’s important to regularly replace all of its filters, including the oil, air, and fuel filters. Changing your filters is one of the easiest maintenance services you can do to ensure your car stays happy and healthy.

One of the most important filters to be aware of is your fuel filter. That’s because it helps keep your engine clean, extending its lifespan and preventing harmful buildup. But how can you tell if yours needs to be replaced? Thankfully, the auto repair experts at L&N Performance Auto Repair in Blowing Rock,

North Carolina are here to help.

Here are three telltale signs of a bad fuel filter:

  • 1. Stalling Engine Are you noticing that your car’s engine stalls when you’re behind the wheel? While this could be happening for a number of reasons, one possibility is a clogged fuel line. This can cause a blockage, leading to engine stalls.
  • 2. Working Overtime Another sign that your fuel filter needs to be replaced is when your engine is working double-time at low speeds. This can happen when you’re driving in the city or during rush-hour traffic. If you notice this problem, call the car care professionals at L&N Performance Auto Repair today.
  • 3. Troubles Turning Over One of the biggest indicators that it’s time for a new fuel filter is when your engine has trouble turning over. A healthy car has an engine that effortlessly starts. Some type of clog or build-up on a filter might prevent an engine that is struggling to turn over. This is a sign you need to replace your fuel filter.

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As a general rule, you should change your fuel filter every 30,000 miles or two years. Look at your owner’s manual to learn your car’s recommended intervals. So, if your fuel filter needs to be replaced, call the ASE-certified mechanics at L&N Performance Auto Repair in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, today. We’ll take a look at your filter and swap it out if necessary. Call us at 828-266-9077 to make your appointment.

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